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This is the web site of the Association of Väsby Residents Against Aircraft Noise.

The association was formed to fight the environmental noise pollution being suffered by thousands of residents of Upplands Väsby (a northern suburb of Stockholm). This air traffic noise is a result of the arrogant and inconsiderate manner in which Swedavia is now operating Stockholm's main airport - Arlanda.


In in the Spring of 2003 Stockholm Arlanda airport opened a 3rd runway. This despite the fact that the capacity requirements of the airport were more than adequately supported then (and now) by the existing two runways.

Upplands Väsby is a suburb of Stockholm located approximately 10km directly south of the new runway. During runway planning and construction residents were assured that aircraft would not pass over central Upplands Väsby on approach, but be directed around the built-up area. Indeed, the environmental conditions set in place for the operation of the airport are also written under this assumption. Unfortunately, Väsby residents were misled.

The problem

During peak traffic periods the new runway is used intensively - with northerly winds, all arriving aircraft are led over central Upplands Väsby. Many aircraft generate significant disturbance with noise levels over 70dB(A) and in some cases over 80dB(A). In addition, other areas can be affected by departing aircraft (particularly at night).

Despite protests from thousands of residents, Stockholm airport have continued to use the new runway even though current traffic demands are such that this is not necessary. Worse still, whilst viable alternative flight paths and runway usage patterns have been demonstrated, Stockholm Arlanda airport shows no interest in them.

Current situation

The association is fighting against the airport authorities in a number of legal cases. The environmental courts have decided that Arlanda must work towards stopping use of its current disturbing flightpath over central Upplands Väsby and by 2018 they must not use it at all. Sadly, despite the obligation to work towards this goal, Arlanda is not doing so. Instead, the airport is putting huge efforts into a new application to the environmental courts which not only removes this restriction but also other existing noise and emissions restrictions as well!

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